Storing local means we store in Exeter


Are you a student looking for storage options in Exeter? Don’t fall for misleading storage companies claiming to be based in Exeter, only to find out they will be shipping your items to a warehouse in Manchester. Look no further than Exeter Uni Storage – conveniently located just 15 minutes from Exeter University on Marsh Barton Trading Estate.

Choosing a local storage company like Exeter Uni Storage comes with many benefits. Firstly, you can avoid costly shipping fees and rest assured that your items are in safe hands, just a short distance away. Additionally, storing locally means you have easy access to your belongings whenever you need them, whether it be during term breaks or after graduation.

At Exeter Uni Storage, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and competitive pricing. Our facilities are clean, secure, and equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to ensure your belongings remain safe at all times. We offer a range of storage unit sizes to cater to your individual needs, whether you need to store a few boxes or a whole room’s worth of furniture.

But it’s not just our storage facilities that make us stand out. The city of Exeter itself is a fantastic place to live and study. As a student at Exeter University, you’ll have access to a thriving student community and a vibrant nightlife scene. From bars and clubs to live music venues and comedy clubs, there’s always something to do in Exeter.

So, if you’re a student in need of storage in Exeter, look no further than Exeter Uni Storage. With our convenient location, excellent facilities, and competitive pricing, we’re the perfect choice for storing your belongings during your time at university.

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