Exeter university life 

Looking for a reliable and secure student storage solution at Exeter University? Look no further than Exeter Uni Storage. Our facility provides a range of storage options for students at Exeter University, making it easy for you to store your belongings when you’re away.

But Exeter is more than just a great university city. The city boasts a rich history, with landmarks like Exeter Cathedral and the historic Exeter Castle. The city is also home to plenty of eateries, offering everything from traditional British cuisine to international flavors. And when the sun goes down, Exeter comes to life with a fantastic nightlife scene.

At Exeter Uni Storage, we understand that your belongings are important to you. That’s why we offer a fully insured storage service, complete with security measures like digital CCTV and alarm systems. And when it’s time to retrieve your items, we make it easy with our UK-wide delivery network.


So whether you’re a student at Exeter University looking for secure storage or just looking to explore the city’s rich history and vibrant culture, Exeter has something to offer everyone. Contact Exeter Uni Storage today to learn more about our storage options and start planning your next adventure in this wonderful city.