The last Duel In Exeter. The Duel of Doctor Hennis – 1833

In the front of the burial yard of St Sidwells Church, just opposite the Monkey Suit can be found a restored tombstone to an Irish physician, Dr Peter Hennis. This is the final resting place of a hero of the Exeter cholera epidemic, and the victim of Devon’s last duel. […]

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If you are a student in Exeter, you might be looking for storage solutions as you move between university halls or shared accommodation. Self-storage options may seem tempting, but there are several reasons why it’s better to use a student storage service, especially one that includes transport. Firstly, using a […]

Exeter in April 1914 have things changed that much.

April 1914 was a time when the streets of Exeter were filled with young men causing a nuisance to others. It was a time when the city was grappling with issues. related to law and order, and incidents like the one involving the twelve-year-old boy with a gun only added […]

On this day in Exeter 4th April 1913

On 4 April 1913, the Exeter City Council received two important reports that were crucial for the smooth functioning of the city. The first report was about the income generated by the tramways, and the second was about the salary for the Chief Constable position. According to the first report, […]

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Cheap Exeter student storage      Moving away from home to attend Exeter university is an exciting time for many students, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out what to do with all of your belongings. Fortunately, we have […]